a Shay Danielle & Jody Stoski Collaboration

Unlock the Secrets of Mag Needle Tattooing 

  • Are you an existing PMU artist who is skilled in microblading and tattooing with smaller needle configurations?
  • Are you looking to take on cases which require broader needle configurations than we PMUs are typically trained in?
  • Are you intimidated by using mag needles?
  • Over the years I've had the same challenges gaining confidence in this space so I’ve developed a course entirely focused on providing experienced PMUs with the knowledge they need to add mag needles to their skillset.
  • Like all of my courses you’ll learn these skills in a simple, non-intimidating format delivered entirely online.

You WILL become confident using mag needles!

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a Shay Danielle & Jody Stoski Collaboration


Take on new cases, speed up your procedures, complete more services in a single day and obtain better results with less skin trauma.

2 modules - over 25 minutes of video - over 45 slides of content - 20 quiz questions - downloadable content - case studies and more

Module 1:  Mag Needles 101

What are mag needles?

Common types of mag needles

Labelling for mag needles

Module 2:  Mag  Techniques

Needle selection and needle depth

Mag needle techniques

Demo Video: Mag needle techniques

BONUS Videos & Case Studies

Video: Paramedical procedures

Mag needles in use case studies

Videos: Brow and Lip Techniques



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